Laptop Computer Desk made in bamboo for comfort and utility


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First of all, Bamboo Laptop Computer Desk is ideal for work, reading and homework. Also, this folding Bamboo Laptop Desk is durable and lightweight.

Moreover, it’s compatible with all laptops sizes, folds up to a compact size, its side table provides space for mouse, notes and snacks.

Finally, it is made from sustainable bamboo wood and cut-out design for proper cooling of your laptop.

You can use this eco-friendly laptop desk with personal fan to keep yourself cool and refreshed while on the computer.

Comes shrink wrapped.

Watch Out for Eye Strains from Excessive Computer Use

Visual problems like eyes strain may result from overusing the muscles of your eyes. These eye straining activities are as follows: reading, watching television, or staring at the computer. Eye strain may be caused by improper lighting. Also, excessive glaring at the computer screen or bad position of the computer screen. Sometimes, difficulty reading copy material can cause eye strain.

Eye strain may present with the following symptoms: pain and burning in and behind the eyes. There may also be headache and eye fatigue. Blurred vision, dry eyes, itching eyes, and burning eyes. If you suspect that your eye strain is because of too much staring at the computer monitor, then you may set the contrast of your monitor to high.  Also try to reposition your screen to avoid glare. You may try to arrange your work station so the lighting will not hurt your eyes.

Vision breaks are also recommended, so is changing your eye focus once in a while to relax the eye muscles.Eye exercises such as rolling the eyes and tightly close the eye will greatly relieve you with your eye strain. Make sure that the computer screens are clean and streak-free. Doing few simple steps and taking timed breaks will help to avoid eye strains from extended computer usage.


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