Compact Multimedia Projector High Definition


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Pyle Pro Prjg88 Compact 1080p Multimedia Projector  FREE SHIPPING!

800 lumens
Also, it has 800 x 480 native resolution with 1080p HD support
1000:1 contrast ratio
16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio
60Hz refresh rate
20″-80″ adjustable projection size
More than 30000 hours of lamp life
HDMI(R) A/V VGA & USB inputs
Headphone output
Built-in stereo speaker
Manual focus lens
Finally, versatile projection of image, audio and video files including AVI MPG MOV MP3 WMA TXT & more
Lightweight and compact
Weight: 2.89lbs
H x 3.1″
W x 5.7″
D x 8.2″

Made by Pyle Pro

Try using this compact multimedia projector to view various types of media and then save them for selective viewing in portable digital photo frame.

Don’t Get Eye Strain by Excessive Screen Time

Visual problems like eyes strain may result from overusing the muscles of your eyes. These eye straining activities are as follows: reading, watching television or screen, or staring at the computer.

Eye strain may be caused by improper lighting. Also, excessive glaring at the computer screen or bad position of the computer screen. Sometimes, difficulty reading copy material can cause eye strain.

Eye strain may present with the following symptoms: pain and burning in and behind the eyes. There may also be headache and eye fatigue. Blurred vision, dry eyes, itching eyes, and burning eyes. If you suspect that your eye strain is because of too much staring at the screen, then you may set the contrast of your monitor to high.  Also, try to reposition your screen to avoid glare. You may try to arrange your projector settings so the lighting will not hurt your eyes.

Vision breaks are also recommended, so is changing your eye focus once in a while to relax the eye muscles. Eye exercises such as rolling the eyes and tightly close the eye will greatly relieve you with your eye strain. Make sure that the projector screens are clean, streak-free, and sufficient distant. Finally, doing few simple steps and taking timed breaks will help to avoid eye strains from extended screen time.


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