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Running Belt with Expandable Hidden Pockets

Perfect way to carry your must-haves on your next run

Don’t try to carry must-haves in pockets or bags during your next run. Instead, carry them inside this Eternal Running Belt with Expandable Hidden Pockets. This belt is perfect for carrying must-have essentials while running or exercising, thanks to two large, expandable pockets that easily hold keys, money, phones, and more. Plus, the belt also includes reflective stripes so you can be easily spotted while exercising at night. But, don’t just use this belt for exercising. This is even great for keeping important items close while you’re traveling! The belt is made from stretchable material for a comfortable fit.

Product Features

Perfect way to carry all the essentials you need while running or exercising
Features two zippered, expandable pockets that hold money, keys, phones, and more
Includes reflective stripes so you’re easily spotted when exercising at night
Also ideal for keeping must-have items close while traveling
Made from stretchable material, allowing for a comfortable fit


Color: Black
Belt Length: 28″ to 32″ (Approx)


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