Garlic Vegetable Soup

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Garlic Vegetable Soup (6×1.1 Oz) by Dr. McDougall’s is great taste of Asian taste and cuisine

First of all, vegetable noodles are popular in Asian cuisine because they are so tasty, filling, and low in calories.

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods® Garlic Vegetable Asian Soup is delicious and not too salty. It keeps you going with only 110 calories. If you are focusing on eating low calories food with healthy balanced diet, then this soup will help in those goals. This soup is easy to prepare simply by adding hot water to cup or bowl for delicious, satisfying clear noodle soup.

It will nourish your well-being, while helping to sustain the earth from the organic, non-GMO use of ingredients. Moreover, that’s why Dr. McDougall’s source non-genetically modified ingredients and make their cups with paper sourced from certified, responsibly managed forests. Hence, Dr. McDougall’s motto: Sustaining the Earth Sustaining You®

If you love this Asia-flavored soup, you will like to try this one since it is nutritious, tasty soup.


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