Organic Matcha Green Tea (1×5.5 Oz) for healthy living


The nutritional value of matcha green tea is widely reported based on its unique chemicals found this tea blend

Organic Matcha Green Tea (1×5.5 Oz)

Organic Matcha Green Tea from Green Foods is an all natural green tea. It is unique due to its high-quality cultivation. Most noteworthy, it is organically grown and hand-picked in its native Japan.  Also, the premium matcha leaves are specially cultivated for consistency. They have the greenest leaves, soft texture, mild flavor, and sweet aroma.

If you are new to drinking green tea, want to try plain green tea and not green tea extract or matcha tea,try this one here!

Green Tea has Good Health Benefits

First of all, green tea has many health benefits and it can be used to prevent certain diseases. Green tea can reduce incidence of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. Also, cataracts, infections, and impaired immune function can be prevented or delayed by drinking green tea. Green tea concentrate because of its high antioxidant levels may protect liver health.

In addition, green tea helps in weight loss. The green tea leaves increase body’s metabolism. It is reported that consumption of green tea helps to burn more calories. Also, green tea has the capability to fight bacteria and other germs. Furthermore, it can boost your immune system and increase its fighting power. It helps kill bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay.

Green tea is organically grown and then subject to standard drying process. These steps prevent fermentation of the tea leaves and its harmful effects. Green tea products are available in different strengths. Some tea products contain low strengths of the active ingredients.  In contrast, others like matcha tea have high concentrations of antioxidants and active ingredients.

Moreover, several studies have reported that green tea has good health benefits. It has potent antioxidants to prevent cancer, lowers bad cholesterol, and guards against harm caused by free radicals. Regular use of green tea concentrate or Organic Matcha Green Tea in moderation (1 cup per day) is a great way to receive good health benefits. Regular drinking of green tea along with balanced diet and exercise schedule for good health.


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