Split Pea Soup (6×1.9 Oz ) as healthy soup


Split Pea Soup by Dr. McDougall’s is Low-Sodium and Gluten Free (6×1.9 Oz )

Above all, Dr. McDougall’s right foods are always natural, heart healthy, and vegan. Also, they meet guidelines for heart healthy foods low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. It is made with wholesome peas,  balanced spices, herbs, and  sea salt for hearty soup as meal. Moreover, this soup has 12 g of protein and 12 g of fiber that makes it heart and GI healthy food.

Most noteworthy, Split Pea Soup by Dr. McDougall’s is easy and convenient to prepare by simply adding water and heating it. Also, these eco-friendly cups are good for work or on the go to enjoy its satisfying taste and health benefits.

If you are looking for another healthy, tasty soup that is low in sodium and convenient to prepare, check this one out!

Protein as Important Component of Healthy Diet

Seventy percent of Americans say they’d like to lose 20 pounds according recent surveys. If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans looking to take a few inches off your waistline, protein may help your weight loss program.

Protein, an important nutrient and fuel for the body, also aids in weight loss, according to researchers who have found a link between protein and hunger. French scientists from Lyon University found a potential new target for the treatment of eating disorders. Study author Gilles Mithieux said, “It is well known that protein feeding decreases hunger sensation and subsequent food intake in animals and humans.” Protein not only provides satiety, but aids in maintaining lean muscle mass while losing unwanted fat.

Another recent study demonstrated the beneficial impact of protein. People eat either lower-carbohydrate/higher-protein diet or low-fat/low-cholesterol/low-calorie diet.  People on the former diet lost less weight over a six-month period.  Although differences in weight loss after one year were similar for both diets. Hence, eating diet with balanced and sufficient protein is important key for weight loss.


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