USB Powered Tower Fan to stay cool and refreshed


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USB Powered Tower Fan is great and simple way to stay cool during warm weather, keep air movement, and stay refreshed during computer use.

Easily cool down with this USB Powered Tower Fan featuring an easy to use cylinder shaped fan in a convenient size.

Great for home and office, this fan has two speeds and a USB power cord.

Measures approximately 13″ high and 4.1″in diameter.

Comes in black and white.

Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 13.75″.

Combine this cooling Fan with eco-friendly laptop desk for comfort, extra space, ergonomic, and cooling effects on computer.

Avoid Computer Stress

Of all the forms of stress in today’s world, computer stress is the one that is on the rise the fastest. Computers are wonderful machines, but they can also stress out workers.  The stress can be caused sometimes by confusing demands placed on users. Also, their constant presence and their simple inability to work properly can trigger stress. Thus, computer stress must be understood and user must find ways to de-stress. Or the computer users will find themselves even more stressed out than they already are.

The first thing to remember about computers is that they are machines. They do not have feelings and they do not respond to emotional appeals. Also, they only do what they are told to do; nothing more and nothing less. Thus, you need to remember that just about anything that your computer does is probably something you told it to do. Sure, you may not have wanted to tell it to do something, but you told the computer to do it and that’s all it knows. You can save yourself a lot of computer stress by keeping this in mind.

A simple way to avoid computer stress is by working in well ventilated area or with good air movement. Hence, this USB-powered fan provides simple, portable, and convenient way to stay refreshed and cool during computer use.


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