Yogi Calming Tea (6×16 Bags) for relaxing times


Relax and calm your mind and body with this soothing blend of teas and natural herbs

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Yogi Calming Tea is Organic tea; enjoy 96 Tea Bags for every day at this amazing price!

Ease Mild Tension and Anxiety
Herbal Tea Supplement
USDA Organic
100% Natural
Oxygen-Bleached Tea Bags
Quality Assurance International Certified Organic

For non-herbal tea that is a classic, memorable tea blend revered around the world, enjoy this one!

Ease into the Day with Our Calming Tea

First of all, Yogi’s Calming tea is an exclusive blend based on time-tested Ayurvedic herbs that help ease stress and tension, and encourage a state of relaxed alertness without drowsiness. Also, this all organic formula contains not Chamomile. It is used for centuries for its ability to help compose the mind and relax the body. In addition, it also has Lemongrass and Gotu kola which have been used traditionally to support the nervous system. Moreover, Licorice and English Lavender add pleasant, naturally sweet flavor that makes this tea suitable for children. So take a break with a cup of Yogi Calming Tea and discover a soothing, natural way to relax.

Yogi Principles:

Tasting great is essential, but it isn’t enough. If what we make doesn’t taste great and leave you feeling great, we won’t make it.

We think before we blend. How will our recipes work with body and mind? Health is found in nature and our work seeks what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it. As a result, we don’t have laboratories where teas are created by artificial means. We make, test, and try teas in our kitchens.

Above all, creative combinations can optimize what nature has to offer. Ever added peppermint to ginger? They work together to produce a remarkably fresh and innovative taste… and a remarkable level of energy.

Thus, whenever possible, we work with wholes, not parts. For instance, we don’t add vitamin C. We add rose hips, which are natural rich in vitamin C.

Product characteristics include: Organic licorice root bacopa monniera (gotu kola leaf), organic chamomile flower, organic hibiscus flower, organic fennel seed, organic cardamom seed, organic lemon grass, organic orange peel, organic barley malt, organic rose hips, natural plum flavor, and kava kava root extract (kavalactones 10%).


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