Rice and Bean Soup (12×14.7 Oz) for complete protein


Spanish Rice and Red Bean Soup (12×14.7 Oz) from Amy’s

Amy’s Spanish Rice and Red Beans is a robust soup that combines organic brown rice with organic red beans, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, corn and green chilies. It is highly nutritious, fulfilling, has plenty of fiber, and protein-rich soup that can be meal itself with healthy side dishes like green leafy salad and fresh fruits.

  • Hearty
  • USDA Organic
  • No GMOs
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

If you like rice and beans combined soup, you will surely want to try pasta, beans, and vegetable soup in tasty  flavors here!

Healthy Soups as part of Smart Weight Loss

Yes, weight loss can be a lot of work. But the more you know about nutrition, foods and exercise and how your body reacts to them in the form of fat loss,and the easier your task becomes. To achieve fat loss, you have to change your energy balance.  Most noteworthy, there are just two ways to do this – either consume less energy (Calories) or expend more energy (via exercise). Try including complex, fiber-rich, protein-laden, and balanced calories found in many soups. One such soup is this rice and bean soup which can reduce your caloric intake. The reasons for this effect are two-fold. One, eating nutrient-dense, low caloric foods and two, having slow-to-digest digestion foods keeps full and keeps hunger pangs at bay.

Other Protein sources besides meat

Many people making the shift to a vegetarian or vegan diet may be reluctant to try meat or dairy alternatives. Also, others simply do not realize the variety of products available today. In order to replace meat and dairy, have plant-based proteins. You can still enjoy favorite foods like burgers, shakes, and cheese.

Proteins are composed of amino acids. The human body requires 20 such amino acids for it’s normal growth and development. When considering a protein diet, it is important to know that certain foods carry proteins containing essential amino acids which are NOT produced by the body itself. These essential amino acids serve as building blocks for body’s processing of the other 12 non-essential amino acids.

What does all this mean? Above all, your protein diet must include foods that not only provide non-essential amino acids, but more important, must include foods that supply your body with essential amino acids. Thus, foods you should consider for your protein diet include: broccoli, spinach, walnuts (or many other nuts), beans, lentils, pastas, and barley.


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